We build
remarkable software solutions and the infrastructure it runs on.

We specialise in building enterprise-grade, data-heavy web applications.

What we do

Our Services

  • Application Discovery

    Together we figure out what the core values of your upcoming project are and how to deliver them using custom software.

  • Line of Business Applications

    Data-heavy applications have challenging requirements. Using our extensive experience, we take them into account from the very beginning.

  • Cloud-Native Infrastructure

    The business world is moving faster than ever before. Thus the challenges IT departments face are growing daily. Cloud-Native Infrastructure helps them stay ahead of the game.

  • Technology Consulting

    Navigating the vast landscape of today’s technology is an extensive task. We put new things into practice to smooth the rough edges. Then transfer the know-how to your team.

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Let's see if we are a good fit for each other during a free Discovery Session (approximately 45 minutes).

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Who we are

The people

  • Bernhard Matz


  • Christian Hubinger

    devops, code

  • Daniel Freithofer


  • Daniel Höggerl

    devops, code

  • David Wippel

    ceo, ux

  • Henning Kutz


  • Hermine Hollborn


  • Johannes Flaschka

    business development

  • Keighley McFarland


  • Kerstin Manninger

    product, ux

  • Markus Dulghier

    ceo, architecture

  • Markus Vogl


  • Michael Schärfer

    architecture, code

  • Philipp Mossier


  • Stefan Rösch


  • Thomas Peklak


  • Wolfgang Beer

    code, ux


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