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Our Work

Read about the challenging projects we tackle and just how our custom business software helps clients succeed.

How TRIGO & 3-S-IT built the ÖGB’s massive data-driven education platform

Read about how 3-S-IT & TRIGO leveraged OpenShift to build the ÖGB’s and other trade union’s massive data-driven education platforms.

Gaining competitive advantage through digitalization

Read our detailed success story on how a local rental car service, Dr.Hartl, gained a competitive advantage through digitalization.

Software as the starting point for a new business venture

Read our detailed case study on how a sole trader can create a completely new business model by leveraging custom software.

Our promise

100% money-back guarantee

If you're not satisfied with the services and results in the first 30 days of our collaboration, we will refund the full amount — no questions asked.

Bug-free guarantee

We stand behind our work and have high standards when it comes to the quality we deliver. Which is why we will fix any technical problems or errors free of charge, even if the project has already been approved. This service goes beyond the claims you're entitled to under the statutory warranty.

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